What is cocktail attire for men

Cocktail attire for men vary depending on the nature of the invitation. For men, finding the right attire for a cocktail party is relatively easy. Usually dark suits, well-pressed pants, crisp dress shirts, sport coats and ties do the trick. However, these are not the only options available.
Generally, the invitation you receive will indicate the proper dress code, but finding out more information about the occasion will help in selecting the right, most suitable attire. Here is an outline of different types of cocktail attire for men suitable for specific events.

Cocktail attire for men

Formal cocktail attire

These are cocktail attire that are suitable for formal cocktail events such as association parties, business parties, charities, organization events, galas and fund raisers among other formal occasions. At times, the invitation may require that you go for a semi-formal attire or indicate “black tie optional” & “creative black tie.” Be careful not to get confused and go for an all-formal selection.
If you are sure the occasion in question is an extremely formal event, then you are in luck because you will know the right type of cloths to wear. Such events require a black tie attire. This attire will entail a number of items and accessories. Consider jackets, shirts, waistcoats, trousers and the likes. Also, consider what footwear goes well with the black tie dress as well as such accessories as timepieces and handkerchiefs.
Some invitations are not direct in their indication of the dress code. This is not a big problem however. You can decipher the appropriate cocktail dresses expected for the event from the venue in which the occasion will take place. Occasions that are more formal will be held in very elegant luxurious events, this definitely calls for a black tie attire. Additionally, the channels through which the invitation was sent is indicative of the appropriate dress. Invitations received through formal channels indicate formal events.

Semi- formal Attire

Some cocktail parties are less formal occasions that require semi-formal cocktail attire. These events are meant to be relaxed and informal. Although it may not be wrong per se to arrive in a chocolate business or a classic navy suit, these will be considered a smidge too formal. Informal cocktail attire for men are much like their formal counterparts, there is very little difference and sometimes this distinction may be lost. Nonetheless, a semi-formal attire consist of dark suits. The vest may be added or totally dispensed.
Men can comfortably wear dressy sports coats and well-pressed trousers to informal cocktail parties. Some good coat colors include chocolate, navy blue and dark grey. For informal cocktail events, ties are usually optional, however if it is included in the attire, it has to be in a colour that complements the shirt and suit. Trendy ties, neckties and bow ties are also good accessories for such events.
Just like with formal occasions, an informal event can be seen in the manner in which the invitations were received. If the channel through which the invitation was sent is less formal –emails and phone messages-, then this indicates that it is a semi-formal occasion to which the appropriate semi-formal cocktail attire should be worn.

Casual cocktail attire

Cocktails parties and events that call for a casual dress code usually mean that you can put almost anything to the party. They are more like semi-formal events but these are too flexible and too relaxed. Generally, a casual look means anything passes, from jeans, to T-shirts and sneakers. If the event’s host wants a more dressed-up version of the casual look (dressy casual), then they will indicate it in the invitation.
In casual cocktail occasions a dress pant, a stylish shirt and jacket to match is a good combination of cocktail dresses. Some casual events may call for rather flexible attire etiquette with tuxedos and bright colored shirts passing as appropriate dresses. What’s more, you can even decide to include a tie or not. The least formal of events will welcome patterns and textures or even dark jeans. Footwear may not be a problem for the casual theme. Chukka boots, brogues or loafers are not bad choices.
Invitations for casual cocktail events will often be sent via e-mail or phone. There will also be other indications that hint to this nature of occasion. If you are not very sure whether the event is to be a casual event, you can always confirm from the hosts. They will tell you what guests are expected to wear to the party.

Festive cocktail attire

Festive occasions are generally indicative of the casual attire. These occasions are like weddings, poolside parties, graduation celebrations, anniversaries and birthday celebrations. There are many cocktail dresses to choose to wear to a festive cocktail event.
The possibilities here are endless. You can choose to appear in a blazer or sports coat matched with a pair of dark colored jeans, or simply dress up in a good-looking pair of trousers and a light colored shirt to match. Cocktail attire wedding would require that you go for cocktail dresses that range between semi-formal and the casual cocktail attire. This will depend on who the weds are. Footwear to casual cocktail events may include laced-up shoes of loafer style shoes to match with the pants.

Summer season cocktail attire

Sometimes the type of cocktail attire for men are suitable for events held in certain specific seasons. It is essential to consider what season it is when choosing a cocktail attire. The general dress etiquette for cocktail events still applies.

Summer is the season in which most cocktail parties will be held, and is therefore the season for which specific attire can easily be defined. In a summer cocktail event, cloths made of relaxed breathable materials like cotton and linen are good choices. Also, light colors are good choices to wear to a cocktail party held during the summer. Cocktail attire for events held during springtime are similar to those suitable for summer time events. They are similar in color, material and general attire.

It is good practice to know the dress etiquette for any event you attend. The dress code for events are not given for the sake of it, and choosing to ignore these dress codes may leave you feeling the odd one out – which is rather an embarrassing position to be in. there are a number of cocktail attire for men that are suited for all events. Choosing what you wear to a themed party will help you blend in with the rest of the guests perfectly.

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